A startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel, have raised over $5 million in Series A funding to further a mobile app they are calling “the world’s greatest photography game.” GuruShots is turning photo-taking into a game in which users rank each others’ photos in order to score points.

The $5 million raised stems largely from Altair Capital, Buran Venture Capital, and Ervington Investments Limited. Including this new financial addition, the startup is working with a total of $6.5 million.

GuruShots’ image-ranking platform combines the virtual world of mobile games with real-world photo-taking, gamifies photography, and inspires anyone to show off their best shots, receive real-time feedback, and even win a spot in international photo exhibitions.

The money is to be used to accelerate their global scale-up. GuruShots founder and CEO Gilon Miller noted that the company’s rapid growth “will include enhanced product development and building up our customer acquisition capabilities.” Despite sounding like the company is trivializing photography by turning it into a game or competition, Miller claims Gunshots is instead on a mission to “help make [everyday photos] more meaningful.”

GuruShots turns photography into a global online competition, whereby users can submit photos based on daily themes, before having work rated by others. The highest ranked photos are promoted, and users receive real-time feedback.

Since launching back in 2015, GuruShots has also begun hosting five monthly photo exhibitions around the globe. The platform now tallies 4 billion votes per month across 500+ challenges, with more than $600,000 in prizes awarded in total.